Grilled corn with chive-sage butter


It’s amazing to think the Native Americans bred corn for a short, multi-stemmed grass which only produced a few kernels. Some believe maze, as it is called outside the USA, is a hybrid of several species. None the less, it is one of the most important food crops. Not only is it used to feed humans but it is an important food source for livestock. Products such as corn starch, plastics, fabrics , and adhesives are made from corn. I will mention high fructose corn syrup but will not argue its merits as sweetener and its possible effects on diabetes and other health concerns. Corn is becoming an important source of biomass, too. Ethanol made from corn is mixed with gasoline to reduce pollutants.

It’s corn season here in North Carolina! For only $5 you get this much Johnston County corn at the Farmer’s Market- 12 ears! 20130630-060613.jpg

It’s so sweet when it is fresh! Grilling only makes it better!

Grilled corn with sage-chive butter:

Peel back the husk and remove the silk. Fold the husk back over the corn. Wash if needed. Gus has to sniff everything!


Soak the corn in a bowl of water for 20 minutes to prevent the husk from burning. Grill on a medium heat grill keeping the lid closed.


Make the herb butter:

Snip the herbs into the softened butter.


Use a fork to blend the herbs and butter. Place it in the refrigerator to harden.


After about 15 minutes the corn will be done! Keep an eye on it to prevent a fire but try to keep the lid closed .


Let it rest for about 5 minutes then peel back the husk to serve.


A little fettuccini Alfredo on the side and you have dinner.



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24 responses to “Grilled corn with chive-sage butter

  1. Tray & Frances Baugh

    Looks good! Do you grow your own herbs?


  2. I’m on it! This looks awesome!


  3. I grilled my first batch of corn a few days ago and was looking for a way to dress it up a bit. Thanks for the tip about the herbed butter…I’ll try it next time!


  4. I grilled my first batch of corn this week and was looking for a way to dress it up a bit. Thanks for the tip about the herbed butter…I’ll try that next time!


  5. You’ve just reminded me that our local fire department’s annual corn roast is comming up. It’s the most delicious corn I’ve ever tasted-just grilled on metal plates and dipped into jars of melted butter.


  6. MMM i love grilled corn! we use butter with a chili lime powder. 😀


  7. sage and chives butter sounds great, I might try that today, my corn is not ready yet though! But i bet it will be nice with other dishes as well! maybe new potatoes.. i have those! c


  8. I love grilled fresh sweetcorn. This sounds good, but I like it best plain.


  9. Wow! I’m makin’ this! I didn’t know that about the original corn plant.


  10. Wonderful Arthur! I love corn with herb butter.


  11. The chive sage butter sounds amazing!


  12. Joined a farm co-op this summer. Finding new ways to use foods I’ve never really given much thought to. I used kale in stirfry. I tried making kale chips too. But I think I didn’t add enough salt.

    My lunch today was about 2, 3 cups of water some left over spice from one of the instant noodles that gives you just too much stuff. 2 chopped up carrots, about 1/2c brocolli, about 1/4 head of chopped cabbage, and about 1 cup of sweet peas (with their pods) choped up. I was going to toss in the kale but I used it for the stirfry 🙂

    I had some and am going to freeze some. I can always add more veggies and spice. But I’ll have a taste of summer this winter…if it lasts that long.

    Summer is busy here, with weed tree falling, never ending mowing, some travel, and a new grandbaby due any day. Cheers.


  13. Yummy Yummy Yummy!
    In Belgium, most people don’t eat corn because they feel it is food for the animals but I like it a lot! I must make this fab combination soon, on the BBQ! Yummy! 🙂


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