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Corn, hanging wall plantings and more Hydrangeas!

Its corn season here in the Piedmont of North Carolina! And that’s a good thing! I love corn. Cooking the ears in boiling water is the simplest but when the temps are in the 90sf as it has been for the past week I try not to cook inside and instead use the natural gas grill on the patio. The grill is tapped into the natural gas line for the furnace so there are no tanks to refill! Its easy! And with the total cost of $3.00 for 12 ears you cannot go wrong!

The simplest way to grill is to place corn directly on the grill. You can leave the husk on which creates a steamy environment for those kernels to cook! I had removed the husk here. You also could add spices or herbs or flavor them with herb butters. I like to taste the sweetness of the corn so just a little butter is fine by me!

In Cameron Village Shopping Center they have installed these beautiful hanging plantings. They seem to be appearing all around town.

There are about a dozen different shapes and designs through out the shopping center.

The Basjoo banana bloom continues to develop! I am still surprised that it decided to bloom at only 5 feet tall.

And several lilies are blooming. In the past, voles would have eaten the lilies before they bloomed but thanks to a black snake I have seen often my vole issue seems to be under control! This is an unusual color which was included in a mixed bag.


The hydrangeas continue to delight me! I think they are my favorite blooming shrub?  Thank you Mother Nature for the rain! This is an Incrediball Hydrangea which is a cultivar of the Smooth Hydrangea ( Hydrangea arborescens). I love its sister Annabelle, too, but I have not found a location for a few of those……yet!

So little room!! I really need to buy that house next door…………


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Grilled corn with chive-sage butter


It’s amazing to think the Native Americans bred corn for a short, multi-stemmed grass which only produced a few kernels. Some believe maze, as it is called outside the USA, is a hybrid of several species. None the less, it is one of the most important food crops. Not only is it used to feed humans but it is an important food source for livestock. Products such as corn starch, plastics, fabrics , and adhesives are made from corn. I will mention high fructose corn syrup but will not argue its merits as sweetener and its possible effects on diabetes and other health concerns. Corn is becoming an important source of biomass, too. Ethanol made from corn is mixed with gasoline to reduce pollutants.

It’s corn season here in North Carolina! For only $5 you get this much Johnston County corn at the Farmer’s Market- 12 ears! 20130630-060613.jpg

It’s so sweet when it is fresh! Grilling only makes it better!

Grilled corn with sage-chive butter:

Peel back the husk and remove the silk. Fold the husk back over the corn. Wash if needed. Gus has to sniff everything!


Soak the corn in a bowl of water for 20 minutes to prevent the husk from burning. Grill on a medium heat grill keeping the lid closed.


Make the herb butter:

Snip the herbs into the softened butter.


Use a fork to blend the herbs and butter. Place it in the refrigerator to harden.


After about 15 minutes the corn will be done! Keep an eye on it to prevent a fire but try to keep the lid closed .


Let it rest for about 5 minutes then peel back the husk to serve.


A little fettuccini Alfredo on the side and you have dinner.



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