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After the Hurricane…

Paulownia tree after the hurricane

Paulownia tree after the hurricane

Paulownia tree
Leaves of Paulownia tree were damanged by the hurricane winds.

The hurricane took its time to pass through. We lost power for most of the day. There was only a few linbs down in the yard but around the city there were trees down here and there. In the garden many cannas were blown over and most of the peppers and eggplants were blown over, too.

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Tomatoes at the farmer’s market

Tomatoes at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market.


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Trimming the old fashioned hydrangeas


Before the trim you can see that this year’s blooms are now green. The photo at the top of my blog are the same plants in Spring and early Summer when they are blue.


A look at the base, you can see last year’s brown wood which bloomed this year and the young, green wood that will produce blooms next year.


After the trim, the old wood has been removed and new wood is left for next year’s bloom. These four foot stems may produce some branching by Fall.


Plenty of wood to make cuttings. I usually start about 10 or so pots with 3 to 4 cuttings each and give them away the following year.


Now they have been thinned. The beds will be cleaned of any weeds and mulched in the Fall when the maple leaves and pine straw falls. We have acidic soil (Pines are a clue to that!) so the blooms will be blue. You will have to change the soil’s PH to get pink blooms.


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