Warm and flowery!

The weather has warmed so rapidly in the past few weeks. Typically our last hard frost is the s ind week is match with light as late as the first week of April.

Japanese winter flowering apricots are blooming. (Prunus mume ‘Peggy Clarke”) with its spicy fragrance

Daffodils are emerging!

And witch hazel Jelena has been blooming for weeks! (Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena‘)

And a visit to Sarah O Duke Gardens

Time to plan the veggie garden!!!



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As I have been waiting for the Winter flowering apricots and witch hazel to bloom– we have had two snows!

While it is nice I rather enjoy that the snow usually melts in a day or two.

We did lose electricity for about six hours which requires us to go to the nearest drinking establishment!

So I will leave you with pictures of the garden and snow around Raleigh!

And Lily…



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First frost but the garden is still going….

The was a first light frost down to about 29f  last week but many Fall bloomers are still in bloom….

The basjoo banana have a little bit of frost damage on the upper leaves


And eastern red maples are very colorful

And more maples

And I traveled to the coast of North Carolina over Thanksgiving and enjoyed the warm weather … and the various palms ..

Cabbage palmettos

A California fan palm (Washingtonia)

The Atlantic Ocean

Instead of a traditional thanksgiving dinner we had an oyster roast!



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