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Favorite Southern Writers

Reblogging a great collection

So Does That Mean I'm SOUTHERN?

Today, I want to share a list of my favorite Southern writers.  I read for pleasure and fun so you will see that most of my list would not be considered the most intellectual choices.  I will say however that I love Charles Dickens and Robert Frost.

John Grisham – A great mystery writer but my favorite of his is The Painted House and it isn’t a legal mystery.

Nicholas Sparks – He is not originally from the South but I love his romantic novels.  He writes about places I have been and places I love.

Pat Conroy – Again he wasn’t born in the South but I am sure he considered Beaufort South Carolina as his home.  I loved his book South of Broad and his writing is completely different from anything I have read.  He definitely wrote with his heart and wrote the best cookbook I have ever…

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Late cold snaps continue!

Many Spring blooming plants have completed their bloom even though we have had a few cold snaps and the light snow.

The ipheion ate blooming and are lovely small flowering bulbs which form a nice carpet.

And Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mad) which is a species of dogwood are blooming.

And species or wild tulips are blooming.

On a dramatic note- a new apartment complex which was under construction burned to the ground creating a huge fire which damaged all buildings around it and displacing hundreds!

It created a huge fire which was massive with flames leaping into the sky about 6 stories! The entire downtown was smoky!

The construction crane collapsed and the windows in the neighboring buildings shattered from the heat and then the apartments were flooded from the water. This Downtown is in shock with all the damage! It make triple check before I leave home to make sure everything is cut off and to never leave the clothes dryer and stove unattended.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured but the apartments around the site are uninhabitable!

Thank goodness for my mocha latte!



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Sunday snow

We had a little bit of snow the past Sunday!

Of course, it was gone by lunch! 


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