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Azaleas have begun to blooom in Raleigh!

Azaleas have begun to blooom I Raleigh!

And it’s only February 28th!

The golden blooms of Kiera:


The warm weather also encourages me to grill. Pork chops grilled after marinating for a few days in a balsamic reduction are perfect!

And rare blooms of pachysandra!

But the warm weather does encourage us to explore Downtown Raleigh’s venues! Saturday we stopped off at Ruby Deluxe!​

And also had a drink or two at The Mecca

Enjoyed a full moon over the PNC Tower.



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Repost from a vegan cooking site: Aquafaba: A Magical Egg Substitute (Gluten Free & Egg Free Brownies That Taste Like the Real Deal)

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80f today?

Very warm weather here in the Piedmont of North Carolina! It is February and the temperatures will be almost 80! Spring has arrived!
Lunch is rice with onions and broccoli in a very spicy vindaloo!

Asian Magnolia

Asian Redbud and a Bumblebee




And lily



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