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Cross Vine

One of my favorite native vines is blooming. Cross Vine (Bignonia capreolata) is an evergreen vine that can grow to the top of a pine fast and are covered in short trumpet blooms in the Spring and sometimes throughout the Summer.

I have two cultivars: Tangerine Beauty on the left and Dragon Lady on the right. These blooms have fallen to the ground so they are faded and are brighter on the vine. The vines bloom heavily such that you can barely see the trifoliate foliage which is about five inches long.



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Pollen, pollen, pollen everywhere!

Pollen is everywhere and my allergies have kept me informed to just how much is in the air! Headaches, runny nose, and itchy eyes are the usual symptoms. I just have to wash my face often and limit my time outdoors. I have tried mask but the do not stop the pollen from irritating my eyes. Hopefully, we will have some rain today to clear the air?


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More Spring blooms!

Coral Honeysuckle


Eastern Dogwood

Korean Lilac



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