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Arthur’s Risotto

A rainy and cool Autumn days call for some time in the kitchen making some great comfort food! I put Gus’s bed by the table so continue his recover from TPLO surgery for his torn ACL. I like to keep a close eye on him and my investment!

Risotto is warm and filling and flavorful! You can change the flavor by adding in season vegetables from your local farmers.

Arthur’s Easy Risotto

1) In one pan, heat the oil until it shimmering. Add the garlic and onions to the oil over medium heat until soft. In a second pan, heat about a quart of broth on low.


2) While the garlic and onion is cooking, cut the vegetables into bite size portions. These are zucchini and yellow squashes from the Raleigh Farmer’s Market.


3) Add rice to the oil, onions, and garlic. Stir to coat with oil and cook for about 5 minutes. Add salt or pepper or spices.


4) Add enough broth to cover the rice and cook until it is absorbed .


5) Add more broth to cover the rice. Add the vegetables.


6) Stir to incorporate the vegetables and cook until the broth is absorbed to your liking.


7) Serve as a side or eat as a main course.


8) Risotto makes great leftovers! One minute in the microwave and you have a meal!


You could use chicken broth or beef broth, as well. You can use the left overs as a base for several different meals by adding fresh veggies, chicken or spices!


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Gus and his surgery.

Gus tore his ACL in his knee last week. Monday he had surgery to reshape the knee joint to prevent it from happening in the future. He came home Tuesday and has been very drowsy because of the Fentanyl patch which is used for pain management.


He is more alert that the patch is running out and is standing. It will take about 10 days before he will begin using the leg again and then he will progressively use it more. The bad news- he will probably tear the other ACL in his right knee some time in the future. At $2,500 per surgery it is not something I look forward to happening again!


I am glad my gardening friend it better and will soon join me outside again!

Fentynal patch, which is for pain, is removed on the third day.


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A walk around The Sarah P Duke Garden

The Doris Duke Center Gardens


The Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden


The Terrace Gardens



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