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Fall Festivals – SPARKcon

Fall festivals are in full swing. One of my favorites is SPARKcon. It’s a citywide festival of the arts.

Each area of art is named with the suffix “spark” such as fashionSPARK, circusSPARK, artSPARK, and musicSPARK. 

So much to do!

It all culminates in a street festival downtown with stages and blocks of vendors and artist.

I love circusSPARK which includes European-style acrobatics:

And fashionSPARK:

And artSPARK: street painting

And, of course, food trucks!

A beautiful clear day became a beautiful and clear night!


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 Fall at last….

Finally, the Fall temperatures have arrived and the humidity is bearable! The night temps have been in the low 60s and days are becoming shorter.

The cooler temperatures have encouraged the tomatoes and basil to begin growing again!

Which is great for making Pad Thai!

The cooler temperatures seem to make the color of most flowers brighter! These Four-O-Clocks seem almost neon!

And the special Fall bloomers! Colchicums!

The cool nights are great for drinks on the patios downtown! The Borough has the best corner and nothing beats the How do you Q? on the Corner of Dawson and Morgan Streets!

Or inside!

And pumpkins!


And some time to catch up on some spiritualism!


Shouldn’t we be canning something or making preserves?


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A lazy Labor Day weekend.

I had intentions of some major yard work and cleaning but It has rained off and on all weekend. As a result I have been hanging out a Cup a Joe on Hillsborough Street with all the NC State students and hipsters!

None the less, there are a few Fall bloomers  which are decorating the garden!

Hurricane lilies (lycoris)

 They are unusual because the flowers appear in the Fall with no leaves but once the flowers die the leaves appear and persist until Spring than die back. There are several species and now hybrids in colors from red, to yellow,pink, and white.
Also, the colchicums are blooming! They are like a giant Autumn crocus a foot tall!

And, of course, I love ginger lilies!  

So fragrant! And they are enjoying the cooler nights!

The annual perilla has grown into a purple thicket where I have allowed it to reseed.

Spikes of purple flowers will follow.

I will leave you with white beauty berry

I am enjoying the change of seasons!


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