A lazy Labor Day weekend.

I had intentions of some major yard work and cleaning but It has rained off and on all weekend. As a result I have been hanging out a Cup a Joe on Hillsborough Street with all the NC State students and hipsters!

None the less, there are a few Fall bloomers  which are decorating the garden!

Hurricane lilies (lycoris)

 They are unusual because the flowers appear in the Fall with no leaves but once the flowers die the leaves appear and persist until Spring than die back. There are several species and now hybrids in colors from red, to yellow,pink, and white.
Also, the colchicums are blooming! They are like a giant Autumn crocus a foot tall!

And, of course, I love ginger lilies!  

So fragrant! And they are enjoying the cooler nights!

The annual perilla has grown into a purple thicket where I have allowed it to reseed.

Spikes of purple flowers will follow.

I will leave you with white beauty berry

I am enjoying the change of seasons!


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6 responses to “A lazy Labor Day weekend.

  1. Those white beauty berries are so beautiful… you have a lovely garden!


  2. Holidays should be for relaxing. It is too darn hot here to work. The garden is on its own. All my “naked lady” type bulbs only bloomed once. They are very happy and put out lots of leaves and multiply, but no flowers. I don’t think I have ever seen a white beauty berry, it is really pretty. We have the purple growing wild here.


  3. Cool beautiful flowers & plants! 🙂


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