Late cold snaps continue!

Many Spring blooming plants have completed their bloom even though we have had a few cold snaps and the light snow.

The ipheion ate blooming and are lovely small flowering bulbs which form a nice carpet.

And Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mad) which is a species of dogwood are blooming.

And species or wild tulips are blooming.

On a dramatic note- a new apartment complex which was under construction burned to the ground creating a huge fire which damaged all buildings around it and displacing hundreds!

It created a huge fire which was massive with flames leaping into the sky about 6 stories! The entire downtown was smoky!

The construction crane collapsed and the windows in the neighboring buildings shattered from the heat and then the apartments were flooded from the water. This Downtown is in shock with all the damage! It make triple check before I leave home to make sure everything is cut off and to never leave the clothes dryer and stove unattended.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured but the apartments around the site are uninhabitable!

Thank goodness for my mocha latte!



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5 responses to “Late cold snaps continue!

  1. Amazing what life and beauty manages to survive despite all obstacles… Frost and fire alike!


  2. Larry

    Wow what happened what all that fire to the building?


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