The summer so far…

The summer so far had been wet and with mild temperatures. When I say mild I mean our temperatures are usually in the 90s by now with 100% humidity. They have only been in the upper 80s so far this season.

The black-eye Susan which were blown down by the tropical storm last month are blooming and beautiful even though they are no longer standing upright. The goldfinches and other birds will appreciate the seeds in the fall.


The entire huge boarder of wildflowers which I have developed between the lawn and front walk has really come together the past few seasons.


Some of my favorite plants bloom this time of the year.

Hyperion daylily- the pale yellow flowers are fragrant and the leaves are semi-evergreen. It’s unusual for that in midsummer, after blooming, it dies back to the roots then comes back in the Fall once the weather cools and persist as a mound of leaves throughout the Winter.


Four-o-clock: this apricot colored plant came from a pack of mixed seeds. They open in the afternoon and stay open all night for the moths. Here in Raleigh they are perennial and will multiply by dropping seeds.


Lilies: I purchased a bag of mixed lilies years ago and there are some unusual colors. I have had problems with voles eating the bulbs over the years so most are gone. Lately, a black snake has taken up residence in the garden and is keeping the vole population under control so the lilies are blooming this year. I am eager for the tiger lilies to bloom later in the summer for the first time in years. They are my favorite.  This Asiatic lily below is an unusual color.


And I take all the Easter lilies people want to give me when they are finished with them after the Easter holiday. When they come back the next season they bloom at a more typical lily season in June.


Monarda “Jacob Cline” has been a real trooper! It is suppose to stay a compact three feet or so but I have several patches around the garden and the one along the front walk reaches five feet tall!



There are a few patches of woodland phlox around the garden, too.


There are also several clumps of bananas around the garden. The most robust is the Basjoo near the patio.


One of my favorite flowering vines is the common passionflower. It can be aggressive if not trimmed regularly and will sucker. You just have to keep an eye on it like a mischievous child!




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14 responses to “The summer so far…

  1. I also love passion flowers. Great photo. Did you take it with your iphone? I wish we could get some rain here. We are about to hit the 100’s with not a cloud in sight.


  2. I’ve had a musa basjoo for years. It gets to about a foot high, which is not quite the Gilligan’s Island effect I was going for! Your plants look lush and beautiful.


    • Here in Central North Carolina the leaves are frost burnt at about 25f but the trunks usually do not die back. Most gardeners cut them back by half in the spring and they shoot up fast! The fruit often once the clump matures about a few season.


      • I think I have mine sited poorly. We are also supposed to surround the trunk with mulch in the winter, which I rarely do. There are some glorious specimens in the neighborhood, though. We have about the same temperature range here in Seattle though having lived in Chapel Hill and Seattle, I don’t need to consult an almanac to tell you that we are more frequently on the lower part of the range than you all are.


  3. Your wildflower border is looking really good! I like the white lilies also.


  4. I love your picture posts. I keep looking for the “like” button at each one!


  5. The Mystical Mansion and Garden



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