Surprises from seed.

Everyone knows I like a bargain. When the garden centers begin to make the seasonal markdowns I will visit often and head straight for the discount shelves.

I especially love the bulk wildflower seeds. I am usually pleasantly surprised years down the road as some of the perennial plants mature and begin to bloom.

Along the street I have had oxeye daisies and a few wild day lilies. Last year I sprinkled a pack of rudbeckia and as they have bloomed I have been pleasantly surprised. A few even bloomed during our mild winter.


I seeded a large path from the front walk through through to the lawn. They should be amazing as this patch is about 5 feet wide and 20 feet long.


I also seeded lance leaved coreopsis , too. They are just coming into their prime blooming season!


The oxeye daises are finishing up their season so once the seed heads dry I will hit them with a rake to shake out the seeds and cut back the dead bloom stalks.


And the cycle of the seasons continue…



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17 responses to “Surprises from seed.

  1. Great photos of some of my favorite wildflowers. There’s nothing like wildflowers, not to mention to aid they gives to honey bees.


  2. The Mystical Mansion and Garden

    Lowe’s is my weakness. The discount racks are a great place to find plants.


  3. I love rudbeckia and coreopsis! It looks as though you have a lovely garden.


  4. That rudbeckia is a real beauty. I’d let it go to seed too.


  5. I like that first Rudbeckia, I’m guessing R. hirta. The yellow with red inner ring is very striking.


  6. Nice! I am a sucker for plant catalogs. Of course my blogs name is I’m not a complete idiot. I’ve taken to forbidding myself to look at them. I’ve got no more room!! 🙂


  7. My sister is a Rudbeckia fanatic. They are easy from seed so she always has several varieties to give away. It’s such a great plant for the South that I rarely turn them away.
    PS. Yours may be a biennial. See if it survives the summer or sets seed and passes on to plant heaven.
    Great post! Thanks for the inspriation.


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