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Blooming today! 

The temperatures has been very nice for a few days which has encouraged the winter bloomers to put on a show!

Winter honeysuckle

Prunus mume – Japanese flowering apricot- Peggy Clarke



And winter jasmine

Earlier in the month required a trip down to the coast of North Carolina for my father’ funeral as I rarely take time off from work it was a strange event of not working and the death of a parent. The house was visited by an almost constant stream of old family friends and relatives. So much food was delivered we had feelings of guilt when we were required to throw it away! I am not sure if it is a Southern thing but you always take a dish to the family who has lost someone?

The weather was warm and produced beautiful weather for photographs on the Beaufort, North Carolina waterfront.

And so it goes…


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Fall! Finally….

The weather has finally cooled and the humidity has reached an acceptable level where we can walk around downtown Raleigh without breaking into a sweat!

It has been a busy time around town.

The North Carolina Museum of Art has a fun installation of giant bunnies called Interlude. They have had nights of various generes of music and beer and wine.

Also, it was time to vote. It only took two hours … not too bad!

With cooler weather it is also time to plant pansies and mums!

I chose to plant Sheffield daisies this year! I call them Korean Mums!  They flower for a long season and usually come back the next year!

Update on Gus!

It has been several months since Gus stopped chemo for the adenocarcinoma in his lungs. The cancer has slowed him down but he seems well. We are just taking it day by day.


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