Blooming today! 

The temperatures has been very nice for a few days which has encouraged the winter bloomers to put on a show!

Winter honeysuckle

Prunus mume – Japanese flowering apricot- Peggy Clarke



And winter jasmine

Earlier in the month required a trip down to the coast of North Carolina for my father’ funeral as I rarely take time off from work it was a strange event of not working and the death of a parent. The house was visited by an almost constant stream of old family friends and relatives. So much food was delivered we had feelings of guilt when we were required to throw it away! I am not sure if it is a Southern thing but you always take a dish to the family who has lost someone?

The weather was warm and produced beautiful weather for photographs on the Beaufort, North Carolina waterfront.

And so it goes…


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32 responses to “Blooming today! 

  1. So many blooming flowers! We had a hard freeze and that set us back in blooms. I’m sorry about your father and experienced the loss of mine recently. Yes, I do believe it is a tradition all over the country to bring food.

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  2. The beauty of winter blossoms never fails to take my breath away. Something about their resilience against the cold and boldness to shine brightly against the otherwise barren landscape is simply inspiring. You’ve captured that perfectly here.


  3. Sorry about your dad.
    The flowers are beautiful!


  4. Ashley

    Sorry for your loss Arthur!!!! Ashley..


  5. Ashley

    Where in Raleigh are you Arthur? I’m in Clayton near Percey Flowers Store. We should hang out and catch up on old times… Ashley


  6. Ashley

    Still waiting for that chargrilled steak with a fresh crisp salad with only bacon croutons and fresh shredded cheese with homemade ranch dressing!! Also want a baked potatoe with soir. Cream and Bacon. Bits!!!! Also an ice cold pepsi to wash it down Arthur!!!! When When????? Ashley


  7. Ashley

    Arthur do you ever plant any Cayenne pepper that’s green and turns red? Also any banana pepper… I love them both.. Especially when I eat friend chicken and cut them up in my salad … Gives a little kick to it!!! Ashley


  8. This is my website and not private. Silly. 😛


  9. I was looking through your facebook. I don’t see Thomas? Are you in contact with him?


  10. I most mornings and weekend afternoons! Join me for a latte!


  11. hahaha! Yes I was looking at your facebook. Cute kids!


  12. I usually hang out and chat and surf the web on my phone, sometimes read at Cup A Joe on hillsborough street near NCSU


  13. I am sorry about the loss of your Dad. The pictures on this post are beautiful. Yes, I think it is a Southern tradition to take food to the bereaved. We have a local food kitchen for the homeless that will take extras of some things when there is a funeral and meal at a local church. Just an FYI for all of us.


  14. Alex

    Hi Arthur, is your Wintersweet purple-hearted or is it pure yellow blooms (‘Luteus’ cultivar)? Can you smell it from the distance?I can’t seem to find any yellow ones for sale online, they are supposedly more fragrant.


  15. Alex

    Great, thanks!


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