Fall! Finally….

The weather has finally cooled and the humidity has reached an acceptable level where we can walk around downtown Raleigh without breaking into a sweat!

It has been a busy time around town.

The North Carolina Museum of Art has a fun installation of giant bunnies called Interlude. They have had nights of various generes of music and beer and wine. http://ncartmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/13942

Also, it was time to vote. It only took two hours … not too bad!

With cooler weather it is also time to plant pansies and mums!

I chose to plant Sheffield daisies this year! I call them Korean Mums!  They flower for a long season and usually come back the next year!

Update on Gus!

It has been several months since Gus stopped chemo for the adenocarcinoma in his lungs. The cancer has slowed him down but he seems well. We are just taking it day by day.


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8 responses to “Fall! Finally….

  1. Our humidity is suppose to break over the weekend. I love you Raleigh tours!


  2. Poor Gus!

    Love the bunnies though 😀


  3. I’m glad Gus is doing well.
    Hope the hurricane cleanup is finished finally.


  4. Linda D.

    Love your pics of downtown. The bunnies are huge and quite amusing! I hope that you have many more days with Gus ahead. Thinking of you all that I used to work with. Please say hello to everyone,


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