Mid-May already?

It is Mid-May and roses are in full-bloom! Between the Raleigh Rose Garden,   The JC Raulston Arboretum rose garden, and the smaller city parks in Raleigh you can always them in bloom. Although, I still think they should not be included in any landscape because of rose rosette virus.

Summer festival season is beginning! Artsplosure is a favorite! http://artsplosure.org

Sunday we traveled to Durham and visited the Sarah P Duke Gardens on Duke University West Campus. It is beautiful with its division into zones and all the streams they created which flow through each garden. http://gardens.duke.edu/visit/duke-gardens-map

The Historic Terraces & Fish Pool

The Blomquist Garden of native plants

The Roney Fountain

The Mary Duke Biddle Rose Garden

And in my garden the amaryllis are still going strong.

And the squirrels are digging everywhere.

Gus’s chemo treatments are going well. He has had three treatments and latest radiographs revealed little growth in the lung adenocarcinoma and no new tumors. His weight has stabilized, although, he still appears thin as he was 85 pounds and now weights around 60 pounds. So I will continue with them and the NSAIDs.

He had a new friend I named Roscoe. I thought it was a rat but now realize it is an opossum!


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9 responses to “Mid-May already?

  1. Linda D.

    Love that peach rose and your amaryllis! Glad to hear that Gus is doing ok and is stable.


  2. The area parks looks beautiful. What are the squirrels looking for now? There should be plenty to eat. I have one that digs in a pot on my patio table. I don’t know what he thinks he will find.


  3. I’ve never seen amaryllis growing outside in a garden. They’re beautiful.
    I’m glad Gus is doing well.


  4. Loved the pictures of Duke Gardens. A visit is on my bucket list

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