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Iris season and a trip to the coast.

April’s shower brings May’s flowers…so the saying goes. The end of April saw the garden full of German irises and the yellow water iris.

My birthday is May 1st so a trip to the coast was on order. About an hour East of Raleigh is Greenville. It’s a small city where East Carolina University is located. It is a great small town and I enjoyed living there while I attended ECU.

We stopped in Greeville at a Mongolian Grill Resturant. You fill a bowl with veggies and such from a buffet. Hand it to the cook and he cooks it on a flat grill while you wait. Served with a flat bread of which I would like to make some day.

I felt as if someone was watching us as we ate!

 Another hour and a half drive East and you are on the central coast of North Carolina. I grew up in Morehead City and spent many summers in Salter Path which is on Bogue Banks, one of the string of islands that separate the mainland from the Atlantic Ocean.

A house on Bogue Banks in Atlantic Beach

The Morehead City waterfront

We also visited Beaufort, North Carolina

And drove over the bridge to Bogue Banks to the Civil War era Fort Macon

And ate seafood!

Fried bluefish, hush puppies, collards, and potato salad 

A shrimp burger 

I love the names of these rental bikes!

And then it was time to go back home to Raleigh!


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