Sometimes I have to just ask why?

Why if conservatives like a hands-off approach to governing why do they want to prevent local government from establishing their own policies for citizens – read the entire bill people! It’s more than bathrooms! It takes away all local protections for women.

Why did they call a special overnight session if they were not trying to be sneaky?

The governor and the others in the republican legislature at not even native North Carolinians!

This past weekend OutRaleigh had over 50,000 attend on a beautiful day! I think all the news and attention brought many people out? I am just glad there is some sort of festival almost every weekend downtown!

And why can’t I get a Chinese dogwood to live more than a season or two? Below is a variety call Greensleaves at JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University.  It blooms in May and the fruit resembles a cherry and is eatable.

And why do I love sweet potato fries!!!! So good but greasy!

Oh well!

I will drink my iced mocha latte and keep asking “why”?

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