Everything is growing!

Spring has sprung! Several weeks of warm weather has encouraged everything to grow!

The azaleas are blooming and so many others! The perennials such as the day lilies are growing, too!

On the South side of the front yard is the euonymus hedge with Keria and azaleas.


The viburnum mariesii shasta


The snowball viburnum


And more Formosa azaleas and viburnum 


Coral honeysuckle with a Kwanzan Cherry finishing it’s bloom in the background.


When I purchased the house ten years ago I plant a few cross vines on two pine trees. They have covered the trunks but are so far up you can’t get a decent picture but the flowers fall to the ground as they age. On the left is Dragon Lady and on the right is Tangerine Dream.


A few Scilla are still blooming but the wood phlox will hide their dying foliage as they go dormant. The light in the morning gave everything a chartreuse hue in the garden.


And, of course, the typical Eastern Dogwood.


I did breakdown and purchased a flat of marigolds although the slugs and rabbits love to eat them. I will have to spray them with a pepper spray or one of those deer or mole castor sprays!


Tomorrow is another day…. to shop the plant dealers at The Farmer’s Market!


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17 responses to “Everything is growing!

  1. Your garden is looking great! Spring blooms are the best.

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  2. Oh spring has sprung here too Arthur, I have sowed out more chili seeds ( 8 different kinds no matter that we have the wrong weather for it here) – and all the other plants are starting to grow – wonderful time for gardeners 🙂

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  3. Hey Arthur. Looking beautiful in your garden. Have you ever saved your marigold seeds? They seed prolifically, are easy to gather and to grow next year! With that flat of seeds, you could plant a border of marigolds around your whole property.

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  4. Beautiful, especially the viburnums.

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  5. Here in Connecticut, is the first day I can say I actually really see anything GREEN. Lotsa yardwork coming up this weekend!

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  6. Great post and awesome photos!


  7. Beautiful flowers & plants that are thriving in your beloved garden! x


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