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Me versus the squirrels!

The Eastern Grey Squirrel are like rats in my neighborhood of oaks and loblolly pine! They chew open bird boxes, knock down bird feeders to get to the seed, and dig up and destroy plants. They seem to watch you from the trees and then come right behind you and dig up and eat what you just planted. They will dig out all the soil in a pot to see if there is anything worth eating. Did I mention they grow as large as a small cat?

Even the bird boxes with the metal protectors over the holes are no match!


The redbuds are blooming! It is impossible to capture the beauty of a tree in a picture so a close up will have to do!


The Eastern Redbud blooms along the top half where as the Asian redbuds will bloom at every leaf node along the entire plant. The Eastern redbud reseeds very easily,too. There are always volunteers around the garden.


In the vegetable garden the arugula is coming along but the squirrels are digging through the carrots! The chives look nice with a few sweet violets here and there.


The ferns continue to unfurl fiddler heads.

These are Japanese painted ferns below. They will become a silvery green.



Oh! And I did see Jesus on Blount Street last outside an Irish pub! I guess everyone needs a pint every now and then? 


Happy Spring!


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