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Veggie garden done! Well, half way!

I did not work Thursday so I had the opportunity to go to the garden centers before the crowds. It was a beautiful day with temps almost 70.

I was good and didn’t spend much money! I purchased some herbs, tomatoes, and a fern from the “scratch and dent” clearance section.

It’s temping to purchase a few annuals but I want to wait another week. Today, I cleaned the vegetable beds and planted dill, basil, peppers, and tomatoes and put up their trellis.

  And lunch was at Seaboard Cafe: a veggie sandwich and a friend enjoyed her chicken salad sandwich. They are served with picked carrot and a pasta salad. Yum!



There was a cute cat at one of the nurseries.


It was after something in a drain. I did not investigate!



Of course, I am off today so as Betty and Wilma use to say: “Cha Cha charge it!”.



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