What is blooming in the garden today!

Spring is in the air and things are beginning to bloom!



Species tulip with perennial vinca


Pearl Bush was frost burnt just a bit from Saturday’s 27 temps but all the daffodils were unhurt.


And the amyrilis are growing!

Although, a late frost last Saturday did some damage to the hydrangeas.

Hopefully it was the last hard frost?



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13 responses to “What is blooming in the garden today!

  1. Galestorm

    I wish the daffodils would last just a wee bit long!!


  2. That’s the first double flowered quince that I’ve seen, and that first daffodil looks huge!


  3. Is that a large flower forsythia or does it just look big in the shot? I don’t remember the flowers that large, but it has been a long time since I’ve seen one in bloom. You seem to be in a perfect gardening area as you have plants from northern and southern climates. I enjoy viewing your different varieties.


  4. AHHH!!! Spring In North Carolina. Isn’t it beautiful especially in your garden Arthur


  5. All very pretty to look at! Sorry to hear about your hydrangeas!


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