Blizzard and no power!

it began snowing and sleeting last night. I woke up when the power went out about 12:30am. Then we had snow lightning with flashes of blue and orange and booming thunder!

Gus came upstairs and we snuggled trying to keep warm as we listened to limbs breaking and hitting the roof then sliding off and hitting the ground! Crazy!

Pictures of the neighborhood and yard:

10 foot pine limb on top of the Carolina jasmine arbor.

The once 15 foot tall osmanthus are bending to the ground with the weight of the snow and ice.

The 10 year old camellias are bending in response to the snow and ice! I hope they recover?

The Basjoo bananas

Hope the power comes on soon!


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15 responses to “Blizzard and no power!

  1. I hope the power is back on there! xxxx Hang in there & I hope that your plants will recover soon from all of that snow! x


  2. oh my goodness! I hope the power comes on and the trees recover. What a shock this must be to everyone and everything! Stay safe!


  3. My goodness me, this looks bad. I do so hope that your power is restored soon. And also that the branches do not snap under the weight of the snow.


  4. That’s too bad. I hope your house and car are okay.


  5. Loosing our electricity is one of the worst things ever about Southern snow storms. Hope you have your power restored by now.


  6. Wow! I hope you have a place to stay warm. We went through that here years ago and were told not to knock the ice from the trees and plants. Also, if you have any seed, the birds will appreciate it. Hope it improves soon.


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