Plant Delights Open House

Will someone take my wallet and hide it! Hellebores!

And there are the two I purchased!


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15 responses to “Plant Delights Open House

  1. Jolie

    I forgot it was this weekend (forgot on purpose). And now I Must go and get that bottom hellebore. I think I will try taking cash only this time. I hope you got some good plants!

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  2. Oh yes – totally agree – this is how I feel as well – it’s just dangerous in garden centers, you need to take someone with you who will guard your wallet!

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  3. Caution, Arthur. Caution.

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  4. It’s a good thing that they can stand a little cold!

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  5. Splendid hellebores ! I like them

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  6. I enjoy your Hellebore photos. I wish they liked it here.

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  7. Absolutely beautiful hellebores. Gorgeous colors!

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  8. First, welcome to my blog. AND a big thank you for lighting hope in this poor gardener in zone 5. In Montreal we had a frigid winter -30C, and my PEI garden is buried under 185 cm of snow ( and all fell in February)
    Having lived through the horrid Montreal Ice Storm 10-15 yrs ago, I remember seeing the majestic Maples with truncated limbs and demolished crowns. I wondered how I would live without them…..Last summer I noticed I could not tell that they had been ravished.
    Your garden will rebound. Your care will contribute to the resiliency. (and the opportunity to visit nurseries to buy a few new specimens will buoy your spirits!


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