Snow again?

I rolled out of bed about nine-ish to let Gus out and saw this:


It is the third snow this winter. Although, temps have reached a low of 18f, I am hoping the Basjoo bananas have not frozen to the ground.

The Prunus mume ‘kobai” were blooming but low temps damaged their blooms. They have a wonderful and spicy fragrance each February.


Snow is always an unusual combination with the dwarf palmetto palms.


The entire neighborhood is white.


And Cup A Joe is always pack on a snow day!


But the other day my Fiat odometer hit a very auspicious number – all eights!


So… What to do on a snow day?


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11 responses to “Snow again?

  1. shashi @

    We have yet to have a snow day here in Georgia – loads of nasty weather but not nasty enough for work and school to shut down – and frankly, I would love to be homebound so I could watch TV and do nothing for a day 🙂

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  2. What to do on a snow day? Sleep late, read a lot, light the fire, nap. That’s what I’m going to do today here in Charlotte.


  3. Make hot chocolate, pop some popcorn and make snow cream. Relax and enjoy the wonderful white snow that makes the dreary winter sparkle just a little.


  4. That must be a really big deal there!


  5. I’m sure you are worried about how your plants survive this winter’s cold. I so wish I was experiencing yours instead of ours here in New Hampshire.


  6. What a lot of snow still there in North Carolina! Waw!!!


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