Sometimes you have to use a mower…

By this time of the season many of the aggressive annuals have become unruly and so thick and tall you have to take almost drastic measures to get the situation under control!

The shiso or perilla is just such a plant which requires this treatment! They are five feet tall. They often form thick stands around the garden because they are heavy reseeders!

When you enter the gate to backyard you are greeted with this thicket!


The path to the rear garden is barely noticeable with a thicket of Keira to the left and perilla to the right.


With hand pruners I removed the perilla along the path and the Keira will most likely be relocated.


The beds around the patio required the most drastic measure… The mower! It was a jungle of perilla, four-o-clocks, obedient plant, and who knows what else?


Much better! Amazing how fast those guys can grow!

I was surprised to discovered the cholchicums are blooming! The are like a giant fall blooming crocus! Beautiful! They seem to pop up overnight!


And the Incense Passion flower!


Of course, Gus took the opportunity to enjoy the sun on this 90 degree day!


He is 60 pounds of black Labrador/Pitt-bull baby!



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12 responses to “Sometimes you have to use a mower…

  1. Beautiful flowers. And puppy! That passion fruit flower is like a work of art!


  2. I need to follow your lead and take clippers to some of my plants. That passion flower is amazing!


  3. That passion flower is really amazing! Like something you’d see on Star Trek.


  4. Agree about the passion flower — amazing! I’m adding it to my ‘plant in the garden’ list. Also love the cholchicums. Nice burst of color.


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