Spider lilies and hurricanes and Labor Day.

Lycoris are common bulbs along the coast. They are called hurricane lilies because their blooming season coincides with hurricane season. They are commonly called spider lilies because of the long anthers where resemble spiders legs .

They are more commonly called surprise lilies because the blooms pop up with no leaves to announce them in the Fall.


The leaves last throughout the Winter and die back in the Spring. During the Summer I often forget where they are planted until they bloom almost overnight!


The Labor Day was a lazy day for us. It began at Cup A Joe, as usual. It was very busy!


Lunch was at The Wild Cook’s Indian Grill! I live for Indian food! I expecially love Naan bread and Indian style rice pudding.


And shopping the Indian grocery stores! Andy was looking for whole coriander. Look at those plantains and bananas!


It seems like no one left town because everywhere was so busy! The students at NCSU have been back for a few weeks and thinks should settle down .

I did purchased a new little car: a Fiat 500 POP in retro green!


The man now owns me for 60 months!



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4 responses to “Spider lilies and hurricanes and Labor Day.

  1. Love the green car! I do grow Lycoris and I am always surprised when they bloom.


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