When old becomes new…

Isn’t if funny when something which has been around for quite some suddenly become new and hip to the in crowd?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of those things. The hipsters have brought it back into vogue and everyone is drinking it. They have renamed it PBR for short and a favorite way to drink it is called a PomBR which is pomegranate juice and PBR. First thought is eww but it actually works out !

A PomBR and a How do you Q?  are enjoying the patio at The Borough (Raleigh, NC) on the corner of Dawson and Morgan Street!


Meanwhile, in the garden the daylilies are still going strong with the wild, orange blooms everywhere! I have a ton of these in the garden.



And Black-eyed Susans



And more daylilies.



With temps around 90 I would say Summer is in full swing!!



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17 responses to “When old becomes new…

  1. I had no idea about PBR! good to know! Beautiful flowers. I cant/won’t grow day lillies because of a bad experience with them. It wasn’t their fault, so I shouldn’t hold a grudge, but my mother, during her Chinese phase, cooked tiger lillies, and I can almost gag at the thought of what they felt and tasted like. ugh. And that was over 40 years ago…


  2. Lovely beautiful flowers in your garden! They are so special too! x


  3. How funny about PBR. I still remember going on a tour of the brewery in Milwaukee, WI as a Girl Scout. At the end of the tour, adults got a beer and we got orange soda. LOL. Gorgeous day lilies!


  4. So true…just wait long enough and everything will be popular again. 😀 I love day lilies but mine aren’t even forming buds yet…the weathers been so cool here in New England.


  5. But are they drinking the PBR ironically? And is it possible to be ironically intoxicated?


  6. There is nothing better than a Common Orange Daylily, my grandmother called them Ditch Lilies.


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