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Homemade salsa verde with baked barbecue potato chips

Ok. I Improvised with this recipe. I had tomatillos, lemon, and basil – in desperate times I had to make do!

Tomatillos are really unusual! They look like a green tomato in a paper husk. The taste is similar to a green tomato, too! They grow on low, bushy plants and along with cilantro, lime juice, onion, and garlic are used to make classic salsa verde.


Arthur’s salsa verde with baked barbecue potato chips

2 – tomatillos
4 – cloves of garlic
2 – lemons for juice
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
2 cups basil leaves
A few snips from the chives in the garden
Baked barbecue potato chips from Aldi

Easy instructions: place ingredients in the blender and pulse until you have the consistently you like.

I did not have any tortillas, or even pita chips, so I made due with baked barbecue potato chips which I had on hand. The hot and sweet spicy chips were a great complement to tomatillo’s flavor.


The sharp, tart flavor of the tomatillo is balanced with the sweetness of basil to create a sweet/tart flavor.

Yes. My taste are unusual…



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