Its a lovely time downtown and in the garden !

Usually we have drinks or a bite to eat at The Borough on the corner of Dawson and Morgan Streets near the heart of Downtown Raleigh.


It’s great people watching and a nice location to begin a walk around Downtown proper and to have a nice bite to eat and a beverage.


I do love their good food and their option of choosing steamed broccoli in place of fries!


The red-tail hawks are nesting again in the steeple of the First Baptist Church. Photographers love them!


As darkness fell and we walked closer to Fayetteville Street we realized that something dealing with anime must be taking place? Kids everywhere dressed: like Japanese anime characters! It is called Anamazement!

Click on the link below for a little video

The newspaper stated that about 6,000 were attending. This explains why they were EVERYWHERE!

There was a dance party out front if the Raleigh Civic and Convention Center:

If I was 20 years younger I would have been in the middle of that crowd.

But back to gardening!

This is a beautiful patch of Stachys: Lamb’s ears at JC Raulston Arboretum. Lovely!


And Lilies…


And foxtails…..


and lilies at a big box store….




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4 responses to “Its a lovely time downtown and in the garden !

  1. The hawk nest is really cool. Do they attack any pedestrians?


  2. The lamb’s ears are great. I’ve never seen such a big border of them.
    I remember hearing Andy Griffith talk about going to Raleigh all the time on his TV show. Now I know why-it looks like a great place.


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