And the spinach never ends!

I purchased a bag of spinach at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market last week and I don’t think I will ever eat it all!

I made spinach pancakes!

Spinach scrambled eggs.


And more spinach scrambled eggs.


In the garden the Amaryllis are blooming. This variety is called St John’s Lily. I saved them from a garbage heap when some yuppies/hipsters purchased an old house and decided to clear everything out of the yard!


They are all over the yard as are the day lilies! I am glad I stopped that day and saved them from the garbage!


The temperatures are really heating up. It is regularly reaching almost 80f everyday!  The humidity will follow soon.

It’s all part of the typical Southern Summer!



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9 responses to “And the spinach never ends!

  1. Gwendolyn Lee

    Wish I had been there for breakfast ☺


  2. It would be great to be able to grow amaryllis outside, but I don’t know if I could take that humidity.


  3. I’m envious of you warm weather and your beautiful blossoms. Enjoy both.


  4. Spinach pancakes are very creative! Love the Amaryllis, they are one of my favorites.


  5. Your spinach pancakes must be ever so tasty,…yumm & your scrambler eggs with spinach,..very Yum Yum too! Your beautiful flowers look quite pretty! 😀


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