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Transition into Summer….

The garden has entered that transition period between Spring and Summer. A few of the Spring bloomers have one or two blooms remaining but the Summer bloomers are beginning their show!

Trumpet Honeysuckle


Oakleaf Hydrangea


Spiderworts – this is a wonderful blue seedling which appeared this year. They tend to seed all around the garden.


The oxeye daisies are finishing their show and coreopsis are beginning to bloom in the wildflower beds.


Around town, I stopped at a new bakery for the first time: Yellow Dog Bakery (https://www.facebook.com/yellowdogbread?v=wall).

I enjoyed a foccacia and mocha latte. The tomatoes are so sweet when roasted.


On the way back to the house I stopped at the Water Garden at Fred Fletcher Park. The shrubs around the Redbird sculpture have been replaced with a grass. Much better choice than the shrubs!


Recent rains have filled the basin and the frogs were singing loudly. There were ducks sitting on the overflow drain but they are difficult to see in the photo. Soon the cardinal flowers and other wetland plants will fill the area with blooms. This acre-sized area is much better than the ditch it use to be. It’s amazing that this is a man-made water retention pond adjacent to a major road. The water runs into the ponds and the sediment and pollution settles to the bottom and clean water exits out the overflow to the river and steams.


But is anything better than a grilled pimento cheese sandwich?


I think not!



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