A blooming tomato plant and volunteer seedlings.

I just planted the vegetable garden a week ago but one tomato plant already is blooming! It has been very warm and moist and everything has grown rapidly.

The viburnums are blooming, too!


Each Spring many volunteer seedlings germinate in the small lawn along the street. This year there were many monkey grass seedlings and a few spiderworts. I will replant them in a better location.


This morning I will recharge with a bagel toasted in olive oil and thyme with a little tahini!



And an iced mocha latte


And head down to a few garden shops before coming back and working in the yard and garden!



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8 responses to “A blooming tomato plant and volunteer seedlings.

  1. Kim

    What are you planning to do with that monkey grass you pulled up? 😉


  2. What a perfect day- the kind of day any gardener would love.-Karen


  3. I also risked one tomato plant that’s blooming, then it hit 34F the other night and I had to slip a garbage bag over the plant. Is this the winter that won’t end? Or what? Geeze.


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