End of the Spring pollen season!

There was a cold snap last night and the temperatures reached a low of 33f but nothing looks damaged.

The good news is that while looking for cold damage this morning I did see the fallen pollen stamen of the pine and sweet gum trees. This means that the Spring pollen season is coming to an end! The upper anther is of the Sweet Gum and the lower, is the pine anther.


In the vegetable garden the arugula and lettuce seeds have begun to germinate.


And the Paulownia tees are blooming and dropping flowers!


In the front yard there are large patches of old-fashioned ajuga blooming. These have green leaves and the former owner of the house, Ruby, probably had a bed out there.


Also, a few of the German Irises have begun to bloom!


Hopefully, last night’s threat of frost was the last! I am going to pretend it was and go about my gardening business!



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6 responses to “End of the Spring pollen season!

  1. Good news! I’m been sneezing like mad over here for weeks now!


  2. We had about an inch of snow last night. I like ajuga, it’s so easy to care for and even stands being mowed. It looks like it’s doing real well.


  3. I guess I’m lucky that pollen has never really affected me. My mom suffers terribly from seasonal allergies, but miraculously, that’s something she didn’t pass along. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear that relief may just be in sight!


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