Daily Archives: April 24, 2014

In the garden…

The oxeye daisies along the road are beginning to bloom. They, along with other seed sown flowers, form a one-hundred foot border along the street. I might also plant a few patches of petunias or some other heavy flowering plant here and there along the street, too!


Yesterday, I stopped at several parks on my way to work in Research Triangle Park.

The first was Fletcher Park in Raleigh. This was the former home to The Methodist Orphanage before the advent of State run programs.

Several of the old buildings are used as offices by the park and recreation department.

Borden Building


Garris Building


Ferns around the Garris Building


My last stop before arriving for work was Lake Crabtree Park. It’s a large lake and it was very quiet. A pair of Canadian geese were foraging around the picnic table where I was sitting. The fish in the lake were very active along the shore, too. I assume they were spawning?


The temps have been reaching near 80f by late afternoon. Summer is near!


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