Always a good day for late winter garden chores.

I am not working today because I have had to finally purchase a new refrigerator. The large side-by- side which the previous owners purchased is not cooling all the time. Probably something with the thermostat, as I have to turn it to off then back on to encourage the compressor to come on!

Oh well, I have been in the house for 11 years and who knows how long ago the previous owners purchased it? It is way too large for a single person. I purchased a smaller refrigerator with an automatic ice maker and an Energy Star rating, too.

Since I am home and it’s is sunny and about 50f – out to the yard I go!

As I was collecting limbs and pinecones I came across some rabbit scat. I see the Eastern Cotton Tail almost daily. They love the thick shrubbery and tasty lawn grass and will nibble the liriope, too!

They sleep in a circle with their tails together. This is so they may make a quick escape but still keep each other warm!

Their night deposits are small piles of pellet-sized scat.


I know I have posted plenty pictures of the hellebores in the garden but they have bloomed all winter and are amazing!




Loads of limbs!


Lilacs are budding as are the forsythia and other Spring bloomers!


I love this little dog house at Target! But Gus is an indoor dog!


Did I mention that foxes are the new owls?




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9 responses to “Always a good day for late winter garden chores.

  1. I see the rabbit droppings and I often think maybe they are like my chickens:-) Lovely photos. We are under snow here in zone 5 and below zero..nice visiting and seeing your beauty!


  2. It’s nice to see the flowers and the swelling lilac buds. Spring must surely be right around the corner.


  3. Lovely post love the beautiful photos and flowers all amazing!


  4. Usha

    Beautiful images of bloomed Hellebores, pretty color. I didn’t know they bloom all through winter..I will plant few. It is interesting to know that Rabbits sleep in circle. Nice to read this post.


  5. I love the Hellebore photos! Here in the part of England where I come from, on Dartmoor, in Devon, they are only just starting to flower. I have had to completely rabbit-proof fence my garden. I was quite an investment, but it has so been worth it as there are so many rabbits in the fields around my land. I am going to follow your blog Arthur, because I am really interested in what gardening stories and experiences we might share in common and for the new things I might learn. Happy gardening!-Karen.


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