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Second winter storm with snow!

The second winter storm has come through North Carolina. Yesterday, the drive did take twice as long to get home from work. Luckily , I waited to leave work until after the three hour traffic jams that were caused by everyone leaving work earlier in the afternoon had cleared!

Glenwood Avenue just North of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


The State Capital Building


Gus enjoying the snow last night!


The electricity went off about 10pm last night. So I went to bed. I woke up about three am and it was 27f outside but 60f in my bedroom so I went downstairs and brought Gus back upstairs to sleep with me. We kept each other warm! The electricity was still off at 7 am so I headed downtown to Cup A Joe for coffee, internet , and electricity!

Everything is covered in ice but the city roads we slushy but not bad!


When I left work yesterday afternoon the parking lot looked like this in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina


It should slowly melt today as the temps will be in the upper. 39sF!



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