Second winter storm with snow!

The second winter storm has come through North Carolina. Yesterday, the drive did take twice as long to get home from work. Luckily , I waited to leave work until after the three hour traffic jams that were caused by everyone leaving work earlier in the afternoon had cleared!

Glenwood Avenue just North of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


The State Capital Building


Gus enjoying the snow last night!


The electricity went off about 10pm last night. So I went to bed. I woke up about three am and it was 27f outside but 60f in my bedroom so I went downstairs and brought Gus back upstairs to sleep with me. We kept each other warm! The electricity was still off at 7 am so I headed downtown to Cup A Joe for coffee, internet , and electricity!

Everything is covered in ice but the city roads we slushy but not bad!


When I left work yesterday afternoon the parking lot looked like this in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina


It should slowly melt today as the temps will be in the upper. 39sF!



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20 responses to “Second winter storm with snow!

  1. Oh my goodness! Your first photograph looks like mayhem! Keep warm!


  2. My sisters spent the night in Asheville because the roads were so bad.


  3. The burning car adds a certain…something to that photo!
    Glad the electricity is back on, I daresay most of the houses down there don’t have fireplaces, it gets a bit chilly without heat. (many don’t have fireplaces up here these days either, which is vaguely appalling to this Yankee)


  4. You’re all over the news here. I hope you get your power back soon!


  5. What a crazy winter it has been this year. Glad to hear your power was restored. Stay safe and warm!


  6. Wow! That storm originated here and we only got rain. We are going to have 72 degrees today. I hope the heat heads your way.


  7. What a bad weather again in your part of the world! I hope the snow will be melting rapidly & that Spring is coming round the corner! 😉 Hang in there!


  8. Hope you guys thaw out soon!


  9. Wow, it’s been a bad winter back East! Glad your power is back on and it’s warming up.


  10. wow that photo with the burning car….why is it that the authorities cannot get this sorted out – is it just too many roads to manage with not enough ploughs salt and teams? i guess that would make sense


    • Well, we were given a two day warning that the ice and snow was coming and no in heeded it. Additionally, no one knows how to drive on ice. Basically, you don’t. Our population is basically 90% people from the North so they think they know how to drive in snow. Our snow is very wet because of our high humidity and it always freezes on the bottom and become ice!


      • 🙂 – well if you have warnings, and nobody listens, then I guess people get what they signed up for. I like the they think they can drive on snow 🙂 – do you put winter tires on your cars where you are? I remember a long time ago when I was very young and very stupid driving across a mountain pass with a Peugeot 107 with summer tires in the winter because there wasn’t meant to be much snow, but with the low temps and the tire consistency I was a road hazard. We made it but it was stupid and since then I have the right gear on the car and if there is black ice I don’t drive. Here of course we have very good public transport system and a tiny country so you can get around without a car, which you cannot do where you are.

        Agree with you about driving on ice – yes you just don’t want to go there, best to stay home and work from remote, or make a cocoa if electricity is out and work on your stamp collection, or photos. 🙂 happy winter. I wish we had had some snow, just a bit..


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