Temporary fencing

Gus is 60 lbs of muscle which can wreck havoc on the new Spring growth and delicate leaves.


In an effort to guide him away from the perennial beds I use 2 foot tall temporary fencing. I place it along most beds but leave him areas as straight runs such as along the azaleas.


They are dark green so they blend in with the landscape once things leaf out and also provide support for those floppy day lilies.

If I didn’t do this simple step I would find this!


60 lbs of Gus on top of German irises!



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11 responses to “Temporary fencing

  1. Dog’s are not necessarily the gardener’s best friend.


  2. That’s a good idea. Even though we know that they don’t know that they’re crushing plants it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.


  3. I think Gus was just looking for some sunshine! Did you get hit by the cold today? We are having a hard freeze here after a 70 degree day. Crazy!


  4. i know that I should not have laughed, but I really had to smile at the sight of Gus looking so happy in the sun as he crushed your plants. I know that your love for him would make forgiveness a little easier, but I can see what a problem it is.-Karen.


  5. Ooh no,….this fence is a great idea, for now, clever thinking. 😉


  6. Had to laugh. Every 40-70 pounder of rescued Husky or Malamute, loved, truly loved, the soft delicate growth of upcoming bulbs, day lilies and so on for over 30+ years. Did try temporary fencing but snow dogs have a mind of their own and just plowed over it. I just looked on, shook my head and smiled. Couldn’t discipline them because they looked so delighted with their new, fresh “beds”. They had the exact look on their faces as Gus in the last photo. A dollop of sunshine and soft bed = happiness. Such sweeties.


  7. Diana @ASpoonfulofLuxe

    Ahhhh… Gus is so cute! But great idea to make it work for all involved 🙂


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