Almost there…

The snow is slowly melting.


The temperature should reach 62f by tomorrow! Wow! That should melt the remainder of the snow!

Gus is still on vacation! He thinks you should take it easy today!


I am sure there is some garden work to do? The freezing and thawing of the ground usually heaves a brick or two out of place. The gutters are probably in need of cleaning, too!


Today will be a good day for an iced double mocha latte at Cup-A-Joe while the snow melts. Relax and read the paper out the recycle bin and chat with people I know.

Tomorrow will be a better day to do yard work if the rain holds off with the warm temps in the 60s.




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12 responses to “Almost there…

  1. We still haven’t had snow over here! I don’t think it will be coming anytime soon!


  2. Hi Arthur,
    Thanks for liking my post “Featured Plant:Jewel Orchid” on
    I love when we get a little thaw and find a garden chore in the middle of winter!
    love the picture of the cardinal too.


  3. OMG Gus is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Aww.


  4. I clicked to comment on this post about how beautiful Gus is and it seems lots of other people had the same idea. He really is a beauty!


  5. Carol

    My friend Arthur … The Avid Gardener
    Wonderful !!


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