Winter has arrived!

The temps have finally dipped into the low 20s! The birds will have to wait for their water to melt!


Temps this low will cause the acuba’s leaves to wilt to prevent freezing.


The Snowdrops (galanthus) will bloom at this time for some unknown reason?


This is an important time to begin the habit of keeping the feeders full of seed as the birds need the energy to keep warm !


Four months until Spring!




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7 responses to “Winter has arrived!

  1. omg thats too cold for me! Im in Florida, we are still warm lol


  2. I just hope that the Wednesday rain doesn’t delay my sister’s flight out!


  3. Your garden is so colorful all year round! Love it. So Cal is finally feeling like fall/winter with temps in the low 70’s during the day and low 40’s at night. We even had a few days of rain which was a treat. How does the acuba’s wilting leaves prevent freezing?


  4. We have ice that stays frozen all day in shady spots now. It was 8 degrees this morning.


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