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First hard frost cleanup.

The first killing frost has occurred with temperature reaching about 27f last night.

The Basjoo bananas are wilted and dark. The leaves are frost resistant and are not harmed until the temps are below 29f or so. The trunks will protect their growing buds and they will grow new leaves in the Spring from those buds. I will later remove the damaged leaves with sharp shears.


The acuba’s leaves will wilt when the temps are in the 20s to prevent the loss of water but they are not damaged by the cold. They return to normal when the temps go back above 30.


The low temps caused the Empress Trees to drop all their leaves at once. The leaves dry out in a few days and then they crumble and disintegrate to improve the soil. Gus enjoys looking under the large leaves for creatures.


While removing frost damaged plants and raking leaves I discovered a dead vole. It’s rare to come across my arch nemesis! They have eaten every hosta and tiger lily I have planted!


Of course, the cold mornings do not stop Gus from waking me up at dawn to go out!


I rather have an iced double mocha latte from Cup A Joe!


I think we can both get what we are looking for?


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