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A few Fall beauties in the garden.

There are a few plants who refuse to take their winter. The Snowdrops (galanthus) below appear just after the last frost. They are suppose to bloom in the Spring but they, along with some Paper White narcissus, bloom every Fall at this time.


The large oak-leaf shaped leaves of Oak-Leaf hydrangea become varying shades of red. This plant is about 7 feet tall and 9 feet wide.


The leaves of Burning Bush euonymus fade from green to red and then pink before finally falling.


The nandinas which line the fence are loaded with very shiny berries. In the Spring, the white flower spike point upwards but the heavy fruit pulls them down by Fall.  They volunteer all over the garden.


And the mahonias are budding. The yellow blooms are a treat by Christmas and are followed by blue berries.


The birds are enjoying the easy meals at the feeders. This tufted titmouse loves the sunflower seeds.


Only in The South do we have a magazine titled “Garden & Gun”!


It was almost 70f yesterday but we are predicted to have another nighttime frost Sunday night. The predicted lows in the 20s f should put the remaining plants down for a Winter rest. There are always a few stragglers who refuse to take a Winter nap!



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