Sleeping bumble bees on the ginger lilies.

Bumble bees are doing the strangest thing on the ginger lilies. They will rest for hours in a catatonic state on the flowers. I wrote earlier in the Summer about this behavior on passionflowers.


They don’t move when you touch them and don’t hold their wings up in the normal manner when they feel threatened.


The temperature is in the low 70s so I know it is not too cold for them to fly.


Bumble bees do have a different life cycle than the introduced European honeybee. Only the queens survive the Winter and hibernate in protected locations.


Maybe these are worker bees who are dying? Maybe they are young queens who are looking for drones to mate with before beginning the Winter hibernation? I will have to do some additional research!



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13 responses to “Sleeping bumble bees on the ginger lilies.

  1. I have seen that behavior also. I always thought they were dying. Looking forward to your research.


  2. They were doing the same thing here before we had several freezes. I always thought it was because of the cold. It’s intriguing to find that it’s something else.


  3. How very strange. Hope you find an answer and share it with us! Poor bumbles.


  4. Very interesting, my friend! đŸ™‚ Cool pics too! These bumblebees seem to be very big too instead of the bumblebees here in Belgium!


  5. I have seen this behavior on flowers also. How idyllic – to slumber on a fragrant flower!


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