The cool days of Fall…

Our weather is strange here in the Mid-Atlantic states. After months of hot and humid weather it has suddenly cooled!

Many plants who’s blooming is an indication of Fall have begun to show their stuff!

Autumn Clematis


Ginger Lilies


And the cucumbers are still cumin’ in the garden.


I will have to begin the annual Fall chore of pulling up English ivy and poison ivy seedlings and anything else that has volunteered where it should not be!


Ahhh! The joys of my half acre homestead!


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14 responses to “The cool days of Fall…

  1. I want Autumn Clematis all over my mailbox too!! πŸ™‚ Beautiful.


  2. I see you grow gingers there. Can you leave them in the ground in the winter?


  3. Your autumn clematis is way a head of mine. I don’t think it has even budded yet.


  4. Ah, those cucumbers are amazing! The best I’ve ever done in my own garden was a baby cuke about the size of a quarter last year, and it never grew any longer for some odd reason. Yours look so vital and flawless!


  5. Hey arthur, it is the same weather over here,…Your garden is looking pretty too! Home grown cucumbers are the best! πŸ˜‰


  6. That clematis is a gorgeous thing. We have an evergreen variety that blooms in late February that, for us anyway, signals the end of winter. Your 1/2 acre has a wonderful array of plants. It’s hard not to enjoy such a beautiful garden. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary


  7. Great post and GREAT photos as usual!!!


  8. I envy you the cool weather! We’re heading into the hottest part of summer here. “Summer” continues right into mid to late October. High 90’s and 100’s. We really don’t get much of a fall season. Love the clematis on the mailbox!


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