Signs of guilt…

Sometimes pest will leave you a sure sign of damage such as the below girdling on this passionflower vine. I don’t know who did this but I would just consider it a natural form of pruning.


Sometimes they only eat holes here and there and I think; “Why didn’t you just eat the entire leaf?”


Sometimes the look of guilt is just all you need to know that someone is up to no good!


And when you catch them in the act:


They are just too cute to scold!


Just too cute!


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19 responses to “Signs of guilt…

  1. I hope all that clover keeps him out of your vegetable garden!


  2. christineramsey

    I like your relaxed attitude. When I first started gardening, I reacted to every bug and critter
    like it was the end of the world. I sprayed a lot of insecticidal soap–and worse. Now I know damage happens. Unless it get really bad, I just take it in stride.


  3. They can eat all the clover they want. Just leave my phlox and young aronia alone!


  4. Your basil leaves look like my basil leaves!


  5. Bunnies are disgustingly cute like that. 🙂


  6. Pests come with the territory! This year our big problem is badgers!


  7. I get that same guilty look from our yellow lab…so cute!


  8. The Belmont Rooster

    Great post! We have a stray dog that has been in the garden a few times. First he was just digging holes, no doubt trying to catch a mole. But, he did dig up some asparagus in the process. Yesterday I found 6 green tomatoes on the ground with bite marks… GEEZ! He must think they are balls or something!


  9. You think? I think rabbit stew,!….Yummm!


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