Blueberry jam

I found myself Thursday walking around the NC Farmer’s Market in Raleigh. I was amazed the market was just as packed and busy as if it was a weekend.

Luckily, Blueberry season is in and it gave me an idea! I had purchased a box of fruit pectin on a whim of making strawberry jam but never got around to it during the season. Blueberries would make a fine jam, too. Two pints of organic blueberries were $5.00 so it sounded like a good idea and I have never made jam before. It was an amazingly quick process!


1) Wash the Blueberries and remove any stems.


2) Mash the Blueberries with a potato masher. I left some whole.


3) Add the sugar, mix well and allow them to sit for half-an-hour to overnight.


4) In the meantime, add the fruit pectin to water and bring it to a boil.


5) Boil for about half an hour, stirring constantly and it should become a thick jelly.


6) Pour the pectin over the berries and sugar mixture.


7) Mix thoroughly.


8) Ladle or pour immediately into clean jars. Allow to cool a little before screwing the lids on tight.


9) Leave about an inch and a half room for expansion. It may take several hours to a day for the jam to set and thicken.


10) Freeze if you are not going to consume it right away. Allow the jam to thaw for a few hours before using it.


Adapted from Sure Jell No Cook Blueberry Jam recipe on the Sure Jell Fruit Pectin  package insert.


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15 responses to “Blueberry jam

  1. That’ll taste even better in January!


  2. Auntie

    Looks good!! Nice job !


  3. Blueberry jam is my favorite. Also blueberry pie. Just saying.


  4. Tray & Frances Baugh

    I’ll take one of those. Looks good. I’ve never made bb jam. FB


  5. I love making jam in the summer and always use a similar pectin package. Your blueberry jam looks delicious! Enjoy and hope you make other jams too.:)


  6. Tasty looking blueberry jam!


  7. Blueberries are hard to find fresh over here in Belgium & they are extremely expensive too! ButI love home-made jams a lot too! Yum!


  8. Reblogged this on Arthur in the Garden. and commented:

    Re-blogging because….you know… its blueberry season!!


  9. Gorgeous look says it is yummy. I shall try it.


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