The last day of March….

The last day of March is a rainy one! The day began chilly and windy but now is sunny. It’s Easter but I am working. Its a quiet day. I thought I world share some random pictures that I might not have shared before. These have been sitting around on my Iphone but I haven’t posted them for some reason?

Dark Lady Hellebore is lovely in the sun.


A species tulip blooming out by the mailbox.


Gus really enjoys sunny days!


Sometimes a fried egg sandwich is the best comfort food!


The German irises are growing and a few are producing flower buds!


Dawson Street, Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


And Gus…



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5 responses to “The last day of March….

  1. Gus is looking very perky! Love the species tulip, can’t wait for mine to come up.


  2. Thanks for your visits.
    I think I have to replant some of my iris’ as I think I’ve planted them too deep. I believe some of the rhizome is supposed to be ground level – isn’t it?

    The street photo actually looks like a work of art.


  3. Fabulous sandwich! I’ll have to make one 🙂


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