Late frost…

Periods of extended warm weather in early Spring which encourages the garden to begin to grow and bloom is always a concern to me. I know there is always a threat of a low enough night frost to damage the growing buds and destroy an entire season of flowers or fruit.

The Asian Magnolias were in full bloom when the temps dipped to about 25f a few nights ago. The flowers do not look so good now.


This winter has been entirely unseasonably warm. The Basjoo bananas have only had their leaves killed by frost as the trunks seem to be standing tall. In fact, new leaves have grown out the tops.


Hopefully if was the last hard frost as the maples and many other plants also are in the process of blooming or growing leaves.



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6 responses to “Late frost…

  1. Too bad about the magnolias. I hope the fruit trees didn’t suffer the same fate.


  2. So sad about the Magnolias. One of the heartbreaks of gardening. Kind of like a hard rain right after your peonies bloom.


  3. So sorry about the magnolias! We had an intense killing frost here in Missouri 2007 during the first week of April after an unseasonable warm spring, and it’s so sad. I am surprised to hear it’s so warm there, as we have been seasonably cold this winter/spring, having just had about 6″ of snow. Best of everything to you and your garden!


  4. with each season comes it’s own unique charm and beauty and… frustration! but I find your first photo to be charming in it’s own right. hang in there!


  5. Sorry about your frost. We were lucky here on the Gulf Coast as our temperatures only went down to about 34 degrees and we have been in full bloom for awhile.


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